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Visiting with Huell Howser

It was my ultimate pleasure to meet with Huell Howser in 2010 when he visited my studio. Huell interviewed me about my whistling career and the history of whistling. I performed a few favorites, and Huell joined in one of the tunes. He was an exceptional man and I am grateful that he brought his special flair to the art of whistling.


Huell Howser's archives are housed at Champman University in Orange County, California. In  2013 I was invited to Champman to be a part of the tribute to Huell Howser event for 2000 fans and stars of California's Gold. In 2014 I was interviewed for a documentary about Huell featuring Huell Howser's interviewees.


Every NovemberI look forward to whistling in the World Famous Pasadena Doo Dah Parade hosted by Light Bringer Project. Artists and eclectics come together from far and wide, bringing fun and frolic to Colorado Boulevard every April. The parade has been happenin' for over 35 years and is now in East Pasadena. 


In addition, I am proud to say I was the Master of Ceremonies for four years at the Pasadena Chalk Festival, also produced by the Light Bringer Project, every Father's Day Weekend. Over 200 magnificent chalk art pieces are created at Guinness Book's "World's Largest Display of Sidewalk Art" festival.


Light Bringer Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference for kids and building community through the power of the arts.


Check out the Diva's interview for the  Best of Pasadena at the Chalk Fest.

Pasadena Doo Dah Parade and Chalk Festival

Whistling in Politics


While in Washington D.C. in 2013 I had an opportunity to meet with my district's congresswoman, Grace Napolitano, and whistle for her and her staff.  While I was in town, she invited me to perform for the Latino Members of Congress Caucas breakfast.  The congress members and guests were all blown away with my rendition of La Bamba.
Back at home, at the Congresswoman's request, I presented America the Beautiful at the Woman of the Year Event in our district, honoring women from all over the San Gabriel Valley that are making a difference with volunteer work.
Thank you Congresswoman Napolitano for helping me bring more whistling to the world.
In 2016 I was honored with a Congressional Award for my contribution to my community and I was also recognized by the State Assembly.
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